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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the new single, NO WATERS from Stoke on Trent’s CLKWRK (pronounced Clockwork).

CLKWRK is a band that exists with a mantra: combining blues and rock with electronic music by creating every sound – electronic and organic – themselves, live.

Every synth and every electronic sound created on the fly with guitars, live electronic drums and effects. No laptops, no sequences, no pre-recorded parts, no exceptions. Humans imitating machines imitating humans.

The journey to be able to release this music to the world has been a long one though. Three years of exploring sounds, writing music, recording songs, and discovering their musical identity, and a huge UK wide tour with US rock legends Electric Six.

Produced by themselves and mixed by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman), with music videos, imagery and new releases underpinning their intense release schedule, tracks from the band’s first wave of releases (Namely ‘Fractures’ and ‘Rust’ and was released to critical acclaim with multiple plays on Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio, and hundreds more).

After touring and gigging throughout 2023 and with their sights set on bigger things in 2024, the band are hugely excited to release new music.

Band members and instruments played:

Nick Pilgrim – Vocals & Bass/Guitar hybrid.
Adam Broadhurst – Guitar & Synths.
Romas Masteika – Drums.

Hailing from and based:
All from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Musical influences for each band member:

Nick: Led Zeppelin, Myles Kennedy, Pendulum
Adam: Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Prodigy
Romas: Led Zeppelin (Again) & Porcupine Tree

For fans of:

Led Zeppelin, The Prodigy, Black Stone Cherry.

In their own words:

We’ve recorded this song three times and filmed the music video twice.

The music video itself is shot with us playing in open water, followed by a tank-based shoot with our singer, Nick dunking his head In. It has a collective “Nearly drowned while filming” count of four, a “soft tissue injury” count of three and a “we’re lost and not actually sure how we’re going to get out of here” count of two…. I have no idea how we’re alive to release this thing! (Nick)

Quote about the song:

No Waters was originally written over lockdown – like so, so many songs at the time it was born on a Logic project, firing riffs and vocal ideas back and forth. Since then though it’s grown into the part of our sound that we’re most proud to show off – big synth sounds, soft blues sounds and a massive ending that we’re super proud of.

Live, we can stack up layers and layers of synths and vocals with loopers, making a huge sound to finish off shows with. Taking this into a studio setting was really tough though, and after recording and mixing it ourselves at first, we decided to step out and – while still self-producing – find a mix engineer to re-work it into something new.

We then sat on it for a year and a half while we toured with Electric 6 and created new music, and upon returning to it, decided to give it an entire new breath of life by re-tracking it again. Added to this multiple near-death experiences filming the music video and you’ve got something that transcends the title ‘labour of love’ into something pretty new.

We’re proud of it. And we’re proud of what we’ve had to do to get it here. (Nick)

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