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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Luna Gray.

Luna Gray is a four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Devon. 

Combining indie riffs with the sensibilities of 90s alt-rock in the vein of Pixies, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Weezer, Luna Gray has spent the last three years making a name for themselves in the South West of England.

The band have received airplay across BBC Introducing for each of their previous singles and has shared stages and festival bills with bands such as Khula Shaker, Seasick Steve, iDestroy, Two Year Break, Slackrr, Pattern Pusher, Pollyanna Blue and many more, cutting their teeth with shows that defy both genre and expectation.

The band recently won the Midi TV Award for ‘Best Single’ for their second release, Steady, at an award show at the start of 2024.

Band Members:

Jodie Ford – Vocals & Guitar
Joey Stoate – Lead Guitar
Thomas White – Drums
David Kittow – Bass

Photo Credit: April Bishop

Where are you from? / Where are you based now?:

We’re based in a few different locations, but primarily we are based in Exeter.

Musical Influences:

Weezer, Fleetwood Mac, Smashing Pumpkins, Tigers Jaw, Paramore, Florence & The Machine, Biffy Clyro, and Pixies.

About the latest release:


Photo Credit: LUNA GRAY 

What inspired the latest release?:

We’ve been working away at a bunch of songs since we started working together as a band back in 2021, and Delusions is one of the songs we’ve been keeping in our back pocket for the right time for a while now! Sonically, it’s very much inspired by Hole, Pixies and a bunch of alt-rock from the 90s, and we threw some dance/disco-inspired drums in there, some funkier bass, and we had a pretty unique little song!

Photo Credit: Connor Standfield

Quickfire Questions

If you’re on the road…

The absolute essential item for us on tour is…

Our most challenging journey for the least payoff led us to…
We once drove all the way to Dorset from several very far-flung locations to play a festival at which we were paid in a crate of warm Carlsberg and they tried to charge us to get in… We had to postpone the start of the set to announce some cars had been broken into, so it was.. something!

The coolest pit stop worldwide is…
ANY service station with a Budgens… if you know, you know.

A must-have in our tour survival kit is…
A shitload of doughnuts.

The weirdest gig we’ve ever played happened at…
I mean, see above, haha!

The place with the best bathroom graffiti is …
PROBABLY The Junction, Plymouth.

The best part of performing live is the feeling of…
That first crowd reaction after the opener, and the crowd reaction after Steady. Every time. That, and meeting other incredible bands.

The silliest thing ever said onstage was…
We absolutely cannot repeat it here, but Jodie has said some stuff that might get us in trouble if people… were listening.

How we prepare for a show….

Tell us about an independent eatery in Exeter you love.

  • Portal Pizza in Exeter, hands down.

Shout out to a local business in Exeter and why.

  • Well, in Okehampton, we need to mention the incredible Bert, who rents out his practice space to us and has done so much for us over the years. We literally couldn’t do any of it without him. Use Oke Music Studios for everything; he’s the king.

What’s the best attraction/place to visit/hang out in Exeter?

  • Shout out to Topsham Brewery
Photo Credit: April Bishop

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