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Jacob discovered his passion for music when he picked up his dad’s unplayed guitar for the first time at age 12. Teaching himself to play, he quickly became an avid songwriter. Over lockdown, Jacob took to social media to share his musical genius with the world. It wasn’t long before he had gone viral and toured the UK with his debut EP’ ADOLESCENCE’. Little did he know that this hands-on experience within both the music and social media industries would give him such an advantage in the future.

Shortly after Jacob’s success in music, he became interested in cameras. He started out taking photos for his friends in music, which rapidly developed into photo and video media coverage for several shows all over the Southwest. It wasn’t long before word spread about the eye-catching work he was putting out. This small, on-the-side business skyrocketed into a full-time media career. Jacob has since travelled worldwide, creating encapsulating visuals with his cameras. Most recently, Jacob spent three weeks in Morocco documenting the surf culture. He described the experience as “eye-opening” and “a reminder of how grateful he is to be in this industry”.


As a videographer, Jacob uses his songwriting experience to carefully curate engaging videos that aid viewers in feeling the music. He strongly believes that video production is similar to songwriting in a way that the goal is to craft a story with soul and emotion. With years of post-production behind him, there’s no stopping Jacob from bringing his vision to life. He’s a big lover of cinematic-style close-ups, impressive slow-mo, and crowd-work visuals.

Behind the camera, Jacob is a confident and bubbly kind of guy who never fails to bring a smile and a positive mindset. His creativity enables him to think outside the box and always find a way when faced with a challenge. If he’s not behind the lens on set, you’ll find him in the surf or climbing a wall. Jacob’s zest for life extends to every aspect, making him a dynamic videographer who brings media to life with his work.

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