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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – please welcome Gypsy’s Kiss – the band at the very top of the Iron Maiden tree.

They recently released their single, Gone For Good, a new radio mix of the track, which features on their current album ‘74.

1974 is the year they formed, so next year, they’re celebrating their 50th anniversary – with new music and live dates to follow!

Gone for Good was featured originally on Gypsy’s Kiss’ first album, entitled 74, which was released back in 2021. The song has been edited, re-recorded, and re-mastered for this single release.

Gypsy’s Kiss was formed in the East End of London in early 1974 by Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris and David Smith, who lived close to each other and attended the same school. Therefore, the band sit proudly at the ‘top of the Iron Maiden Family Tree’. 

They were determined to be a hard-rocking band and quickly made a significant impact on the growing East London music scene, playing at The Cart & Horses, Bridgehouse, and other well-known local venues.

After nearly two years, Gypsy’s Kiss came to its natural end in the second half of 1975. Steve then famously formed Iron Maiden in December 1975. The band still remain good friends to this day.

David was asked to reform Gypsy’s Kiss many times over the years so Maiden fans could finally hear their original songs last played live in 1974 and thus finally agreed to play Burrfest in London in March 2018 (with another original member Bob Verschoyle) to capacity crowd as a one-off. 

It was so well received that they played two more gigs in 2018 (with the current lineup). Overwhelmed by support from the Maiden Fan Community, they decided to do it all over again and have since gigged extensively in both the UK and Europe. To date, they have released two singles and two critically well-received albums. 

Although GK remain loyal to their Maiden heritage, they continue to bring their classic rock sound to a wider audience beyond their Iron Maiden roots. 2024 will mark 50 years since their formation in 1974.

Band members and instruments played:
David Smith (Vocals and Guitars)
Jonathan Morley (Guitars and BVs)
Fraser Marr (Guitars)
Ross Hunter (Keys and BVs)
Robin Gatcum (Bass)
Stuart Emms (Drums)

For fans of:

Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC and, of course, Iron Maiden.

Quote about Gone for Good from founder member David Smith:

The track was written by Jonathan Morley and myself for the ’74’ album and is simply about a relationship break up that now has no chance of any reconciliation as one half has moved on and as the aggrieved person states that I don’t want to leave but if I must go then I will not be seen by you (or maybe others) again – I’ll be ‘Gone for Good’ 

The track was written during Lockdown and reflects isolation and the loneliness and anguish that might follow a breakup. However, the theme is the resolve and strength that can follow. ‘I might be sad but if I am going then I will be Gone for Good.’

The accompanying video is in black & white and will reflect separation and sadness and features the band in a variety of locations.

The band will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2024 by releasing two singles and a brand-new album in the Spring of 2024 along with playing a number of live dates in UK and Europe.

Gone for Good, despite its theme, is a real crowd-pleaser and a highlight of our live set.

Press Quotes:

‘Rock bands of yore have a funny way of coming out of the woodwork when you least expect them. One such band is Gypsy’s Kiss, the first band of one Steve Harris (who went on to form a little-known group called Iron Maiden). GK now return with this warm yet driving triple lead-tastic dose of 70s goodness’ CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE

‘This is as close as Iron Maiden fans might get to re-living the birth of their Idols and the same fans might discover that Gypsy’s Kiss has great material of its own. Gypsy’s Kiss are gonna get you – wherever you are!’ POWER OF METAL.DK

‘Gypsy’s Kiss transported us back to the rock scene of 1974, laying down some great, straight-ahead rock n roll. Three-part guitar harmonies abound, and flavours of Iron Maiden emanate, gaining rapturous applause from the crowd. These guys are top-quality entertainers and put on a great show for us tonight!’ PAUL SABIN – METAL PLANET MUSIC at CORNWALL ROCKS FESTIVAL 2022

Live Dates:
19th January 2024 Butlins Minehead (Solid Entertainments)
10th February 2024 Winter Gardens Blackpool (Solid Entertainments)
16th May 2024 – The Six Six Bar in Cambridge

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