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Downtown Patriots have just released their new festive offering, Christmas is Here!

Suffolk-based one-man band Downtown Patriots – AKA Danny Watts, has had a busy year with multiple single releases, his We Don’t Need You e.p, and his album Dance Out of The Dark.

Danny donned his Christmas hat and jumper to make the video and played everything on the record – drums, bass, guitars, vocals, and jingle bells!

This is a festive year-end for Danny, and he’s already planning much more for 2024.

About the song:

This was written in the winter of 2022, Christmas Is Here, is a sanity check about the capitalist pursuit of what Christmas has become and really it should be about the ones we love.  It’s a song for anyone who loves festive music!  – Danny

Danny Watts started the Downtown Patriots project in 2011 following the release of his two debut Eps “Guiding Light” and “Love”.  Songs are built on a foundation of rock music but, over time, morph into whatever Danny feels like at the time.  “I just like to make music I want to listen to, rather than be dictated to by what’s popular or what is “in” at the time.”  My music tastes are so varied, so if I want to write a song on a ukulele or a banjo I will.  I’m currently working on a whole host of songs that range from more acoustic folk to garage blues, and I’m also working on an instrumental album too.:

To anyone who says, “No one’s releasing any decent Christmas songs this year”, we think you should check out the track – it’s one for this year and many other years to come!

Happy Christmas!

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