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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Chasing Zeros.

5 Piece Indie Rock Band. Formed as The Cormorants in 2018, the line up has changed a couple of times before settling into the current collective as Ant was welcomed into the warm and comforting bosom of Chasing Zeros in autumn 2022. A fierce drive to be creative and produce quality music runs through the group, shunning the easy options to make each release better than the previous one.

Photo Credit: Chasing Zeros

Band Members:

Neil Ebdon – Vocals

Neil spends his days laying bricks, complaining about the weather and the wetness of his muck. Having been a semi-pro singer most of his adult life, Neil finds an outlet for his talent and musings as the main wordsmith for Chasing Zeros. All of Neil’s words are deeply personal and express his feelings without the filters that normal people might use. He sang the jingle on the Trago Mills advert once.

Andy Robinson – Guitar and Bass

Andy supports people with disabilities and makes guitars. Having spent his formative years travelling the world with his camera, Andy has settled back into his garage with his router. Chasing Zeros represents his excuse to make his own beautiful guitars and basses. Andy spends a lot of time talking about his wood.

Stefan Manwaring – Drums

Stef is a scaffolder (mentalist) trying to get long enough poles to make it into space. Stef has drummed in bands for years, a solid master of the groove that leads from the back behind a wall of cymbals. The unsung hero of the piece ensuring that the timing is perfect and wall of noise is built on solid foundations.

Kirk Axson – Bass and Guitar

Kirk occasionally sells rugs. Kirk spent the 50s and 60s playing punk rock guitar in his native London. A stalwart of the capital’s club scene and has even toured the south of France. He stepped away from music only to be dragged back in when he pitched up in Devon with a Rickenbacker and a collection of broken valve amps. He denies it but we think he was on Top of the Pops once.

Anthony Krys – Guitar

Ant looks a pictures of guitars on the internet. Ant joined The Zeros when Stef answered a facebook post claiming average talent but the proud owner of a van and a PA System. A protracted audition later and the amusement of turning up with a different guitar every rehearsal sealed the deal. Ant has settled in, providing glamour and grumpiness in equal measure

Where are you from? / Where are you based now?:

3 Devonians, a Cockney and a Manc that, have found each other in the small towns around Exeter.

Musical Influences:

The Cure, The Smiths, The Chameleons, Weird Aussie Punk, Glen Cambell, Taylor Swift and basically anything that’s good.

About the latest release:

With You is blatantly a shameless pop song based around a simple riff and some jangly chords.

Photo Credit: With You Single

What inspired the latest release?:

The song is about getting older and trying to keep up with changes that happen around you and the loss of control as the world passes you by. The You is anybody that grounds you and gives stability as everything moves on too fast.

The accompanying video, released with the song, is a sort of love affair with the city we all call home, taking in the less well-trodden paths of Exeter’s delights.

Quickfire Questions

If you’re on the road…

The absolute essential item for us on tour is…

  • Probably booze

Our most challenging journey for the least payoff led us to…

  • Morwellham Quay….Rain, rain, rain. Oh, and it rained.

Keeping fit on the road requires…

  • Probably less booze

The coolest pit stop worldwide is…

  • Gays Creamery

A must-have in our tour survival kit is…

  • Strings, batteries, wood filler for Stef’s sticks and a broad spectrum antibiotic for Neil.

The weirdest gig we’ve ever played happened at…

  • Tiverton Pannier market. The audience was a well furnished fruit and veg stand..

The place with the best bathroom graffiti is…

  • Wherever Neil has just left.

The best part of performing live is the feeling of…

  • Unbridled adulation. Well, that’s what we’ve heard.

The silliest thing ever said onstage was…

  • “What’s it about Neil?”

How we prepare for a show….

  • Neil – feeling unwell
  • Andy – Booze
  • Stef – Slightly less booze
  • Kirk – Shutting the shop
  • Ant – Pacing around being grumpy, hiding nerves behind an unapproachable facade

Tell us about an independent eatery in Exeter you love.

  • Dinosaur Café – been around for years, doing breakfasts and Turkish Meze
  • Chococo in Gandy Street – Fully accessible and a heck of a coffee.
  • Daisy’s Cafe in Heavitree – Best Breakfast in town.

Shout out to a local business in Exeter and why.

  • Tribal Gatherings – The world-famous Rug and Curiosities Shop on High Street, Exmouth

What’s the best attraction/place to visit/hang out in Exeter?

  • Crealy World of Adventure

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Darren "Twig" Branch is a music enthusiast enjoying life in South Somerset, England.

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