It’s our pleasure to introduce you to “NO ORDINARY FISH”.

“no ordinary fish” is an Exeter-based 4-piece original pop/rock band. 
Stu: drums/vox, Debbie: guitars/vox, Gary: bass, Rich: guitars. 

They formed in 2018 after Stu and Debbie spent some years playing as an acoustic duo, then got the boys in to enrich the sound.  Of course, Stu then needed to switch from guitar to drums but still sings (he’s a big fan of singing drummers… Don Henley and Taylor Hawkins… to name but a few).  Their style is eclectic, ranging from 60s pop to 90s rock… blues, country… in thrall to the timeless classic hits such as Crowded House, Blur and Fleetwood Mac.  Their songs are crafted tastefully, and they love singing melodic and catchy harmony vocals.  Gary adds beautifully creative basslines, and the guitars are balanced out for maximum warmth.

Their USP is that they are “not exactly teenagers”…. And how many singing drummers do you know with Multiple Sclerosis?  There is a good-sized audience for people who want to hear great original songs played well. The band’s debut album, “… Start,” and second album, “Adverse Camber”, are out now on all online shops and streaming sites, including Bandcamp.  They wrote and produced the 2nd album themselves at home.  With tight live playing, beautiful and tasteful boy-girl vocal harmonies, and great catchy tunes, they are ready to show the world what good music sounds like!

 “no ordinary fish” have played several local festivals in the last few years including Thorfest and recently released their 2nd album “Adverse Camber” via a very well-received live gig at Exeter Phoenix. The band has also had lots of radio plays, plus a few live interviews. Both albums are available on all streaming sites or via the links here (plus CDs for the new album and merch).  Gigs are rapidly booking up for 2024, including Exeter Respect Festival, Exeter Fest, and a live session at HMV Exeter.

Darren Branch

Darren "Twig" Branch is a music enthusiast enjoying life in South Somerset, England.

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