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Asian Arts Agency Presents – New Soundz’ Festival

A Celebration of Contemporary South Asian Music In Partnership with Arnolfini Bristol 10th – 12th November 2023

This winter, Asian Arts Agency will be putting on a celebration of contemporary South Asian music at Bristol’s leading arts venue and long-term supporter of South Asian arts, the Arnolfini. New Soundz is a dynamic music festival taking place from 10th to 12th November 2023, showcasing the vibrancy of contemporary South Asian music via live performances and immersive spaces.

The festival promises a contemporary musical experience with a festival launch on  Friday, November 10th, featuring the beatboxer and sound artist Jason Singh. Jason Singh creates immersive soundscapes, where every sound inspired by nature is like a brushstroke on a canvas, reminding us of the impact of the natural world on man. Jason has also been labelled “the human sampler” by BBC Radio 6 Music, as his music is a collage of inspiring sounds. 

On the 11th of November, New Soundz will be hosting performances by sarod player Soumik Datta, who will be presenting “Mone Rokho” (“Remember” in Bengali), an interactive concert which layers voices and music to share stories of the past, present and future of Indian music, enhanced by spatial audio technology. Asian Arts and Arnolfini are pleased to join forces with Soumik Datta Arts as part of a collaborative effort among three South West NPOs to premiere Soumik’s new music.

The festival will also showcase the talents of British sitar virtuoso Roopa Panesar, who will share the latest songs from her much-anticipated album, “Subha” (released in 2022 by Asian Arts Agency label), which celebrates Morning Ragas. “Subha” presents contemplative songs that grow in intensity, mirroring the soft hues of dawn as they crescendo into the full light of day.

Asian Arts Agency Director Jaswinder Singh says, “We’re delighted to be producing the first edition of this contemporary and new music festival.  The festival will showcase contemporary South Asian artists right here in our hometown of Bristol. We’re introducing new technology like VR to immerse our audience in the festival atmosphere, which is exciting.”

Alongside the artists’ performances, the audience can expect talks from the artists who will discuss their creative journey and the process behind their latest work and participatory music workshops.

“New Soundz” is set to be an unforgettable celebration of South Asian contemporary music and culture in Bristol. 

Tickets will be available via our website at 

For more information and the full festival programme, please visit: 
Asian Arts Agency: 

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About Asian Arts Agency: 

Asian Arts Agency is a dynamic Arts and music development agency dedicated to promoting and showcasing South Asian music across the United Kingdom and internationally. With a commitment to cultural diversity and innovation, the agency strives to create immersive experiences with eminent South Asian musicians to celebrate the rich heritage of South Asian music. 

About Arnolfini: 

Arnolfini, located in the heart of Bristol, is a contemporary art gallery that has evolved into a vibrant hub for artists and audiences alike. Through its exhibitions, performances, talks, and events, Arnolfini consistently pushes boundaries and challenges conventions in the world of contemporary art. 

Our address is : Arnolfini Arts 16 Narrow Street Bristol BS1 4QA

Telephone : 0117 917 2300

About Jason Singh: 

Photo Credit: Khushwant Singh Literary Festival – Jason Singh

Jason Singh is a pioneering sound artist and beatboxer known for his groundbreaking work in the realm of audio-visual artistry. Jason’s artistic journey blends vocal percussion, live looping, and innovative technology and focuses on nature sounds to create atmospheric compositions that go beyond conventional music boundaries. Jason Singh’s collaborations and solo performances have left a mark on the contemporary music scene, making him a sought-after artist who continues to push the boundaries of sound and performance art.
Jason has collaborated with household names such as Tate Britain, BBC, Sir David Attenborough, etc. 

About Roopa Panesar: 

Photo Credit: Roopa Panesar

Roopa Panesar is a renowned British contemporary sitar artist, composer, and producer. 
With a deep-rooted connection to her Indian heritage, Roopa has mastered the art of the sitar, captivating audiences with her soulful tunes, as found in her latest album, “Atma”, in collaboration with Asian Arts Agency. Her music is both traditional and contemporary, drawing inspiration from classical Indian ragas. Roopa’s album “Subha,” inspired by morning ragas, showcases her creative take on classical music. She has been featured by TEDx Bristol and worked with other big names, such as the German Chamber Music Festival and the Belgian Symphony Orchestra. 

About Soumik Datta: 

Photo Credit: Souvid Datta

Soumik Datta is a sarod virtuoso, composer, and visionary musician. Winner of the Aga Khan Music Award, Soumik’s illustrious career includes collaborations with global icons like Beyonce and Nitin Sawhney. As the Artistic Director of the Soumik Datta Arts charity, he’s driven impactful projects, from ‘Hope Notes’ to ‘Songs of the Earth,’ raising awareness about displacement and mental health. Soumik’s dynamic journey has seen him perform at prestigious venues like BBC Proms, Glastonbury Festival, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Singapore Arts Festival. His television presentations, including ‘Rhythms of India,’ on BBC 4 have reached international audiences.  

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