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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Moya Silk.

What started as a misspoken shopping list item, Moya Silk, has evolved into the dream pop and bubble grunge-influenced solo project of Exeter-based Jaz Pearce.

Band Members:

Just me, but I played live with stolen members of Wish Hounds, Southwest Hotel and Okay, Bye.

Photo Credit: Jaz Pearce

Where are you from? / Where are you based now?:

Originally from East Devon and now based half an hour from home in Exeter, having had a diversion to Bournemouth somewhere along the way.

Musical Influences:

90s alternative queens like PJ Harvey and Liz Phair, Modern-day indie Icons like Courtney Barnett and Sharon Van Etten, and other greats like Kate Bush, Patti Smith, The Cure etc, etc.

About the latest release:

My new single, Junkies in the Graveyard’, is a love song of sorts. It’s a little more rocky and driving than my 2023 EP ‘Services and Solutions’ It was recorded at No Luck Audio here in Exeter, and I play everything except for drums on it.

What inspired the latest release?:

Not to sound too mushy and gross, but Junkies is a song about falling in love with my beautiful partner in 2022. A year where it felt like my surroundings were falling apart. Lots of crime and horrible incidents were happening in Exeter; I was annoyed by my job, and my houseshare still didn’t really feel like home. It was so lovely to know that I could hang out with him and do things that distracted me from the mundane and the horrible. It was the first song I wrote about him and played to him in my room. I had to face the other way and not look to see his reaction because I felt slightly mushy and all emotional, haha.

Quickfire Questions

If you’re on the road…

The absolute essential item for us on tour is…

  • A sketchbook and pens or my iPad and pencil so I can draw on the road. Or a good book.

Our most challenging journey for the least payoff led us to…

  • Realising that I am actually really good at playing solo and don’t necessarily need a band to back me (sorry everyone!)

Keeping fit on the road requires…

  • Decent amount of sleep (and also maybe getting to see a cat or two keeps me mentally fit)

The coolest pit stop worldwide is…

  • Gordano Services, my beloved.

A must-have in our tour survival kit is…

  • Jelly Babies, Skittles or cartons of apple juice… I am diabetic and moving gear always drops my blood sugars.

The weirdest gig we’ve ever played happened at…

  • I won’t say where, but we supported an 80s rock band last year and got heckled on stage, which was quite a funny experience. I don’t think we really fit the vibe of the evening.

The best part of performing live is the feeling of…

  • Seeing young women and queer people in the audience dancing and singing along to my songs (and getting to say hi to them afterwards!)

The silliest thing ever said onstage was…

  • Oh, there’s too many to choose from. Come to a Moya Silk gig and you’ll see that most things that fall out of my mouth when I’m speaking are relatively quite silly.

How we prepare for a show….

  • Set up gear and soundcheck. Venture for food. Stare into space. Play the show.

Tell us about an independent eatery in Exeter you love.

  • Chandos Deli! Very good soup and sandwiches and vegan options!
  • Chococo for amazing hot chocolates too.

Shout out to a local business in Exeter and why.

  • Helen of Troy for stocking the loveliest creators of prints, jewellery, and gifts. Esther is one of the greatest people I have met, and if you stay in there long enough, you might hear a familiar voice come on their playlist. Ooh, and sometimes she brings her dog in!

What’s the best attraction/place to visit/hang out in Exeter?

  • RAM Museum in Queen Street is amazing (although I am terrified of taxidermy….sorry, Geraldine)

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