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Radio presenter, radio plugger, radio consultant and author.

Some people have been declared as the voice of radio and certainly are part of the heart of music, and both have been said of EMMA SCOTT. Radio presenter, radio plugger, a staunch supporter of independent music and plenty more besides, Emma has worked in the music industry for 34 years, stepping into its demanding but rewarding embrace from the moment she left school when she straight away entered “the dizzy heights” of a Youth Training Scheme at her local radio station in Bedford back in 1988.

From thereon in, she grew to become a focal point for established and new sounds and artists; from 1990 to 2013, radio presenting with her individual style and passion and subsequently gathering thousands of radio shows under her belt across some of the UK’s finest radio stations including Q RADIO, HEART, POWER FM, GALAXY RADIO, HALLAM FM, and METRO FM as well as the two biggest commercial radio brands in the UK, GLOBAL RADIO and BAUER RADIO. Becoming one of the top 20 Drive Time presenters in the UK whilst at rock and metal station KERRANG! RADIO, Emma was also approached by BBC RADIO 1 the late 90s to join their presentation team, twice in fact, but sadly, her “nerves got the better of her at her auditions, and it wasn’t meant to be!” 

2013 saw Emma take a bold move by stepping away from presenting and setting up her own radio plugging and PR Company, PLUGGIN BABY LTD. Again, she quickly put her individual stamp on the venture and has worked with hundreds of independent bands and artists, sharing and promoting their music across Britain’s radio stations and shows and, in time, the vast realm of internet radio, too. More than that, though, she also had the energy and passion to set out to help the business grow in other areas, especially in regard to its independent scene and artists.

Pre that venture, though, Emma also presented live music TV shows, hosted live gigs and events, been a voice-over artist, blogger, band manager, co-ran a record label and put on live music events in Birmingham from 2006 to 2013, all experiences she took into PLUGGIN’ BABY and her wish, indeed need to help aspiring artists and bands. This aspect has seen Emma write two books, Break Your Band: A Guide to Getting Radio Airplay (2009) and If It Was My Band (First edition 2012, with an updated release coming in 2022 as a downloadable eBook.)

Never one to rest on her laurels, Emma recently undertook a Music Entrepreneur Master’s Degree, which she passed with a distinction. Her dissertation centered around teaching independent musicians how to get their own radio airplay, which has led her to create YouTube videos, podcasts and to run free online webinars entitled “How to Get Radio Airplay”, all set up for artists to access as part of a radio plugging consultancy service teaching musicians how to become their own radio pluggers.

She has also returned to radio presenting, firstly with PRIMORDIAL RADIO in 2020, and now with her own brand-new syndicated radio show aligned to her YouTube channel and her “Inside the Music Industry” Facebook group where she shares helpful tips and insider information to help musicians better navigate the music industry and climb its ladder.

Whether in voice, deed or energy, EMMA SCOTT has music rushing through her veins, a passion reaping massive highlights in her career to date, such as three Promoter of the Year awards at the Pure Rawk Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and being declared the “Best Local Promoter” at the Live Music Business Awards in 2012. Fair to say every new day just gives Emma new opportunities to pursue and new music to support, moments she hungrily relishes as the sounds and artists she is inspired by.

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